About Us

Intermetal’s 15 years of experience in the steel business allows us to offer integrated supply chain solutions that deliver a competitive advantage to our customers, steel producers, and shareholders.

Once Intermetal established a U.S. base of distribution, we then targeted the Caribbean, Central and South American markets. At the same time, we sought to broaden steel purchasing operations beyond North America and looked to Turkish, Indian, European and Asian steel producers as well. Although North America, South America and the Caribbean remain the company’s core markets, we have also built a significant presence in the fast-growing Asian steel market. Nonetheless, the West continues lo lead in world steel consumption.We have worked diligently to become a preferred partner for our customers and suppliers who have come to trust and rely on Intermetal’s consistent ability to meet their high quality standards, delivery requirements, and flexible financial terms.

Additionally, our long term business colleagues, suppliers and customer have come to value our green efforts. We endeavor to utilize environmentally friendly processes that protect Earth’s ecosystems.